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Report on Conversion of Waste Into Energy via Emerging Gasification Technologies

Report on Conversion of Waste Into Energy via Emerging Gasification TechnologiesOn September 12, 2013, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) announced the publication of a new in-depth report, prepared by GBB, that evaluates how gasification, an emerging set of technologies that could potentially convert large-scale municipal solid waste into energy, could fit into waste management planning in North America.

The report, entitled “Gasification of Non-Recycled Plastics from Municipal Solid Waste in the United States,” was prepared with municipalities, investors and waste managers in mind with a focus on identifying challenges and opportunities for stakeholders. The report highlights that there are currently 21 demonstration facilities being operated in the United States and another 17 commercial-scale facilities under development. It also offers an overview of gasification technologies, feedstock flexibility, outputs and economics, licensing companies, experience with gasification technologies, opportunities and barriers to commercialization, and the potential role of gasification in integrated waste management systems.

Read Press Release from the American Chemistry Council >>
Download the Report >>

Prince William County Earns Virginia Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award

At the 24th Annual Environment Virginia Symposium in April, Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell announced the winners of the 2013 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards, recognizing the significant contributions and spirit of innovation and leadership of companies and organizations all across the Commonwealth in two categories: sustainability and land conservation.

One of the Gold Medal winners – selected based on criteria including environmental benefit, stakeholder involvement, public outreach, transferability and innovation – was the Prince William County’s Solid Waste Division for its Sustainability Program, which encompasses cutting-edge initiatives in recycling, alternative energy, water quality, storm water protection, erosion control, air quality, material reuse and habitat development.


Jenny Boeder, Environmental Specialist; Tom Smith, Solid Waste Division Chief; and, Bernie Osilka, Solid Waste Division Engineer II

Jenny Boeder, Environmental Specialist; Tom Smith, Solid Waste Division Chief; and, Bernie Osilka, Solid Waste Division Engineer II

Some of the results of the Division’s efforts, which operates the only active landfill in the state that has been accepted into the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program at the E4 level – the highest level of the program – include the 2012 “Audubon at Home” wildlife sanctuary designation at the landfill, and the prolonged life expectancy of the landfill to the year 2065 through citizen education and expanded recycling and composting opportunities.

GBB congratulates Prince William County for its dynamism and achievements, and is proud to be currently assisting them with important initiatives such as the Prince William Energy Park (PWEP), the development of a demonstration plant of an emerging MSW WTE conversion technology, and development of solar and/or wind energy project(s) at its landfill.

GBB Co-Producing Inaugural Renewable Energy from Waste Conference

GBB Co-Producing Inaugural Renewable Energy from Waste Conference

Government agencies, waste management and recycling firms, energy and chemical producers, equipment technology suppliers, and just about any waste generator will want to attend this comprehensive and market-driven conference dedicated to the production of renewable energy and resources from waste materials. Taking place November 18-20, 2013 in West Palm Beach, FL, the event will provide invaluable insights into financials, market trends / opportunities, and technology developments.

Recycling Today Media Group, the publisher of Renewable Energy from Waste  Magazine and Recycling Today Magazine, Smithers Apex, and GBB are joining forces to deliver an event that will give attendees access to invaluable insights into financials, market trends / opportunities, and technology developments. Session topics include:

  • The latest technology developments:  The program features leading industry experts and innovators on gasification, anaerobic digestion, refuse-derived fuel and plastics to oil.
  • Funding insights:  The industry can’t move forward without funding. Key players in the public and private sector will share how they’ve succeeded in getting projects financed, developed and implemented.
  • Organized Tours
    • Ineos Indian River County BioEnergy Center
    • Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County Integrated Waste Management Complex

In this video, Jim Keefe and Harvey Gershman talk about the value of this event for anyone who wants to move toward zero waste and embrace sustainability.

Click to view video

Two full days of sessions are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, November 18 and 19; on Wednesday the 20th, choose from one of two half-day tours.

Venue: The West Palm Beach Marriot, on the shores of Clear Lake and convenient to the Palm Beach International Airport.

Online registration is open now!

Harvey Gershman Awarded SWANA’s Robert L. Lawrence Distinguished Service Award

Harvey Gershman Awarded SWANA’s Robert L. Lawrence Distinguished Service Award

Harvey Gershman’s acceptance speech during SWANA’s Awards Breakfast at WASTECON.

GBB dinner celebrating Harvey Gershman's award.

GBB dinner celebrating Harvey Gershman’s award.

On September 17, 2013, at the Solid Waste Association of North America’s (SWANA) Awards Breakfast during WASTECON, GBB President and Co-Founder Harvey Gershman was presented with the 2013 Robert L. Lawrence Distinguished Service Award, one of the highest honors in the solid waste industry, for his significant contribution to the solid waste management profession.

The event is the annual celebration of the best in the solid waste industry, as evaluated by peers against rigorous professional criteria set forth by SWANA. The previous winners of the Robert L. Lawrence Distinguished Service Award, which is not necessarily presented every year, are:

GBB dinner celebrating Harvey Gershman's award.2012: Nancy Nevil
2008: Richard J. Mauck
2007: Lisa Skumatz
2005: John Lackie
2004: J. David Myers
2003: N.C. Vasuki
2002: Ronald Driedger
1999: Durwood S. Curling
1998: H. Lanier Hickman
1997: Raymond L. Huitric
1996: Clay Ervine
1995: Roger Power
1994: Timothy Hunt
1993: Frank Bowerman
1992: Richard Eldredge
1987: Robert Stearns
1986: Jerry Fairbanks
1985: Norman Jones

Two other 2013 Professional Achievement awards were presented:

  • Life Member Award: John W. Lackie, S.C., P. Eng.
    Executive Director; SWANA Ontario Chapter and former SWANA International Board Member/Canadian Representative Ontario, Canada
  • Professional Achievement Award – Public Sector: Harvey Levitt
    Operations Manager; Dalton-Whitfield Regional Solid Waste Management Authority, Dalton, GA

In addition, Excellence Awards were presented in 13 categories recognizing organizations for their outstanding programs and facilities that meet technical, economic and regulatory state-of-the-art standards.

Harvey Gershman’s Bio >>

GBB Assisting City of Houston with Ambitious “One Bin for All” Initiative

GBB has been selected by the GeoTechnical Research Institute, under the auspices of the Houston Advanced Research Center, to provide consulting assistance to the City of Houston, TX for its ambitious “One Bin for All” initiative, utilizing mechanical biological treatment with advanced resource recovery processing for residential municipal solid waste.

Read the press release.

San Diego Selects GBB to Provide Solid Waste Collection Systems Expertise

The Environmental Services Department of the City of San Diego, CA, chose GBB to conduct an in-depth analysis and assessment of the City’s current collection system and provide recommendations to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. GBB will provide key strategic assistance to help the City continue to deliver service levels that citizens have come to expect and depend on, provide for the public health and the cleanliness of the City, and meet recycling and waste reduction goals while remaining sensitive to growing fiscal constraints.

GBB Project Team members – who have extensive experience in both the private and public sectors – have worked on several operational studies and will have the ability to easily identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies as well as share knowledge and lessons learned. Joining GBB for this assignment is California-based IntelliWaste, Inc., led by Archie Humphrey, who brings more than 30 years of experience in the private sector managing large projects including collection systems, recycling, processing and transfer and solid waste sanitary landfill operations across California.

The City of San Diego has been providing uninterrupted refuse collection services for residents since 1919. As the City has grown into the nation’s eighth largest, with a population of more than 1.3 million residents occupying a land area of 372 square miles, the collection system has grown in size and complexity. The City currently provides weekly refuse collection services to approximately 289,000 residential units and bi-weekly yard waste collection services to 190,000 residential units. Collection services for smaller City facilities are also provided, along with seven day a week collection of public litter containers in business districts throughout the City. In FY2010, approximately 420,000 tons of waste, recyclables and greenery from more than 25 million stops were collected.

GBB’s Comprehensive Reports Provide Substantial Information on WTE

September 2009 White Paper:
“Meeting the Future: Evaluating the Potential of Waste Processing Technologies to Contribute to the Solid Waste Authority’s System”

As it embarked on a major capital expansion program that included the development of a new 3,000 tons-per-day mass burn energy recovery facility on a design-build-operate basis, the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (Authority) issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for contractors to provide the requested services. The Authority’s Board has asked for an independent party not involved in the procurement activity to review all technologies being promoted for waste to energy and advise which, if any, should be considered. To address these needs, the Authority requested assistance from GBB to provide information of a general nature, comments specific to the Authority’s direction to add another energy recovery facility, and to participate in discussions with the Authority’s Governing Board.

2009 White Paper from Authority’s Website »

May 2011 White Paper:
“Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County – Response to the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club”

The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County commissioned a white paper to address issues raised by the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club about the 3,000 tons-per-day waste-to-energy facility to be added to the Authority’s existing integrated solid waste management infrastructure and services. GBB reviewed the documents from the Sierra Club and Institute for Local Self Reliance and assessed the accuracy of the statements and claims made about diversion rates and solid waste programs in certain U.S. counties and cities. The comprehensive 82-page report prepared by GBB, which provides substantial information on waste-to-energy in general, and in Florida specifically, was published on May 3, 2011 on the Authority’s website.

2011 White Paper from Authority’s Website »

GBB Co-Sponsors 2nd Annual C&D Recycling Forum

Business Event Fostering the Profitable Recycling of C&D Material
The second annual C&D Recycling Forum, organized by Construction & Demolition Recycling, took place September 25-27, 2011 at the Turf Valley Resort & Conference Center, located in Ellicott City (Baltimore), MD. The event offered a wide scope of programming focused on how to be competitive and maximize opportunities in the C&D recycling sector. Co-sponsored by Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. and the National Demolition Association, this event yielded returns to attendees in several ways:

  • Programming focused on operational efficiency and maximizing recovered material value;
  • Safety workshop preceding the conference;
  • Exceptional networking opportunities.

In addition to GBB’s co-sponsorship, Bob Brickner, GBB Executive Vice President with extensive C&D experience, moderated and/or presented two sessions: The Diversion Decision, and Rules and Regulations.

Unlocking the Vast Potential of Energy Recovery

On June 28, 2012, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) hosted a forum on Capitol Hill entitled “Unlocking the Vast Potential of Energy Recovery.”  An overview of the latest waste-to-energy (WTE) and conversion technologies (CT) trends and technologies was presented. Expanded use of energy recovery as an abundant and alternative energy source was discussed, and legislative strategies to boost private sector investments were outlined.


GBB Sponsors Capitol Steps Performance at WASTECON’s Networking Event

CapitolStepsIntroGBB sponsored a special performance by the Capitol Steps, an American musical political satire group, during the WASTECON networking event that took place in August 2012 in Washington, DC. Organized by the Virginia ‘Old Dominion’ and Mid-Atlantic Chapters of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA,) the event celebrated SWANA’s 50th Anniversary with a night filled with food, laughs, music and entertainment. Joining GBB as co-sponsors were RRT Design & Construction ( and Renewable Energy from Waste, a publication from the Recycling Today Media Group (

On the picture to the right, GBB President Harvey Gershman, along with co-sponsor representatives Jim Keefe (Renewable Energy from Waste Publisher) and Nat Egosi (RRT Design and Construction President), is presenting the Capitol Steps.

See Press Release »

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