Sustainability in Building Design, Construction & Demolition (C&D)

With today’s growing number of sustainable building project certification programs such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and the desire for public and private organizations to meet sustainability and zero waste goals, more attention has focused on the role of designers, architects, general contractors, and facility and operations managers to sustainably manage—and prevent—waste. The design and construction community has had to adapt over the past several years to the increasing complexity and rigor of certification programs, and also to the unique building materials entering the market as technology advances.

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Sustainability in Building Design and C&D

Selected Project Descriptions:

Sustainable Waste Management in Building Design, Construction, Operation & Demolition
Confidential Client – Private Retail Company

A large retail company with a global presence and a desire to enhance the sustainability of its operations approached GBB to assist the company with achieving zero C&D waste during the renovations of its retail store locations.

Mixed‐Use Building Solid Waste Management Infrastructure Design Review
Craine Architecture, Denver, CO

As Craine Architecture developed a mixed‐use property in Denver, Colorado, consisting of 2 connected 90,000‐square‐foot buildings (180,000‐square‐foot total) with a variety of programs, including hotel and restaurants/lounges, Craine tasked GBB with providing design review support pertaining to the solid waste management infrastructure.

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