Strategic Solid Waste Management & Planning

Solid waste management is undergoing structural transformations, regionally and nationally, which impact local solid waste management issues and programs. Furthermore, there are constant and inevitable changes, impacting long-term solid waste management, that cities, counties, and authorities must prepare and plan for, including:

  • Regulation changes
  • Waste stream changes
  • Technology advancements
  • Changing demographics
  • Need for system improvements
  • New policy initiatives

All local solid waste decision-making takes place, ultimately, in a unique sociopolitical climate and to ensure the greatest likelihood of new program success, it is crucial to determine the needs and concerns of the many stakeholders involved. With their budgets strained and program costs rising, some communities are looking to the private sector to help them manage and operate part of their system. Others are also examining their full costs and charges and implementing rate reform whereby those who generate the most waste pay the most cost – and those who are able to reduce their generation rate are rewarded with lower costs.

GBB prepares innovative, strategic solid waste management plans that address specific client objectives. Such projects often include the review, evaluation and in-depth analysis of waste management system components – to include waste characterization, collection, transport, storage, processing, and disposal. All of these areas are researched thoroughly, and key stakeholders involved, so that GBB can help communities implement successful integrated management approaches that are compatible with, and linked to, other environmental initiatives.

Areas of specialization include: