Sustainability and the Circular Economy

Three Pillars of SustainabilityIn a sustainable system, humans live in harmony with their environment, both meeting present societal, economic, and environmental needs while also preserving the ability of future generations to equitably meet those same needs. Waste is a key factor to consider in a sustainable system: we must responsibly manage—and minimize—the waste we produce in order to recover all possible materials for use as resources within economic production; minimize waste discharges into the environment; and ensure the social equitability of the positive and negative impacts of waste.

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Selected Project Descriptions:

Development of Sustainable Business Park
Kent County, Michigan

The County has set a bold goal to divert 90% of County-generated trash that goes to landfills by 2030. Building a Sustainable Business Park is an essential part of reaching that goal, helping to significantly reduce trash buried in landfills and attract investment and jobs from companies that can convert waste into usable products. GBB is a proud Planning Partner of this project!

Development of Prince William County Eco-Park 
Prince William County, Virginia

The County is transforming, with GBB’s assistance, its award-winning landfill into a community resource by producing energy, recovering valuable materials and providing unique opportunities for education.

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