Communities and businesses around the world are increasingly trying to find solutions to effectively manage the growing tide of solid waste.

GBB has been on the front lines as a recycling and solid waste management consulting firm since 1980, with extensive expertise in planning and implementing integrated waste management programs designed to be cost-effective, protect the environment, and conserve natural resources. We regularly help our clients solve their most complex solid waste management challenges.

Using past projects as a guide, GBB carefully analyzes current and future demands to customize our solid waste management planning services to fit each client’s unique requirements. While individual client’s needs vary, GBB typically designs and delivers comprehensive services that integrate diverse waste prevention and management methods, including reuse, recovery, recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion, sustainable materials management (SMM), waste conversion, landfill gas and energy capture, and landfilling. When making recommendations, GBB maintains its objectivity by avoiding situations that could create a conflict of interest. We are independent of technology, financing, construction, and operational interests. We have earned our solid reputation by understanding our clients’ needs and working hard to achieve their goals.

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