Construction Waste and Demolition Debris

GBB is recognized as a national leader in construction waste and demolition debris (C&D) recycling management, having been active in the field since 1991.  Two of the very first assignments were

  1. participating in a C&D recycling plan for the Government of Hong Kong, and
  2. preparing a C&D Waste Primer for SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America).

In 1992 and 1993, GBB helped develop, manage, and serve as prime speaker at the first two national C&D conferences in Philadelphia to provide access for tours to several local C&D processing facilities. Bob Brickner, GBB’s Co-Founder, was the leader behind these early activities and was GBB’s national spokesman, for over 20 years, on C&D issues ranging from quantification to facility implementation strategies. Over the years, GBB has performed over 150 C&D related project activities for clients, ranging from full-scale feasibility studies to project procurement/implementation assistance. In the course of GBB’s consulting assignments on C&D waste programs, GBB staff has completed the following types of services:

  • C&D waste quantification estimates
  • C&D compositional analysis
  • C&D constituent materials markets reviews
  • C&D marketplace competitive pricing analysis
  • C&D-related “grants writing” for funding support
  • C&D processing equipment evaluations
  • C&D equipment/system vendors negotiations
  • Site visits to more than 100 C&D processing plants
  • C&D-related expert witness testimony – patent infringement case
  • Development of Disaster Debris Management Plan
  • RFP process for hiring Demolition Contractor
  • Economic modeling of C&D facilities (lifecycle costs)
  • Integrated financial modeling of C&D recycling/landfill projects
  • C&D landfill mining review of performance/economics
  • Management of Demolition Project with greater than 98% reuse/recycling
  • Evaluated U. S. Demolition Industry to determine waste handled and recycled
  • Evaluated U. S. C&D processors/recyclers to estimate total C&D materials processed and facilities counts
  • Reviewed state permitting requirements for C&D facilities
  • Assisted with drafting C&D facility permit applications
  • Drafted C&D facility RFPs for public sector
  • Conducted pre-proposal conferences for C&D projects

Selected Project Descriptions:

Fast-tracked Procurement and Implementation of C&D Recycling Facility
Fauquier County, Virginia

C&D Materials Recycling Facility Procurement
City of Portland, Maine

C&D Waste Assessment 
Wake County, North Carolina

C&D Landfill Recycling Business Planning 
Potomac Landfill, Inc. (PLI), Dumfries, Virginia

Demolition of Nashville Thermal Waste-to-Energy Plant
Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (Metro), Tennessee

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