Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy

Committing to Equity and Sustainability

GBB - ESG Strategy for 2022-2023GBB has been driven by environmental sustainability since our founding more than 40 years ago. Effective management of solid waste is a public health and social imperative that directly affects the well-being of people and the planet – both today and far into the future.

GBB embraces a holistic perspective on sustainability, harmonizing the intricate relationship of environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and community well-being. To elevate our commitment to this vision and to measure our journey’s strides, we unveiled our official Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy in 2022.​

Aligned with our strategic compass, we embarked on a path to attain carbon neutrality, a pledge we’ve upheld since 2021. We have achieved carbon neutrality success by procuring and retiring offsets to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.​

At the core of our ethos lies a commitment to meaningful community engagement. Our actions are driven by an unwavering intention to involve marginalized groups in every facet of project development and implementation. By fulfilling local equity frameworks with community demographics, we integrate initiatives that resonate with the community’s aspirations.​

ESG Goals & Strategy

Given its purpose-driven roots, GBB’s fundamental goal is the continuous improvement of its material ESG issues. GBB has long held the following four values, which take added meaning through the lens of ESG issues:

  • Quality
    An assessment of quality work product will include the highest quality attention to systemic injustices on which GBB’s services can take intentional action to reverse.
  • Value
    Delivering value for clients refers to the high-value services for which GBB is known and now extends to support clients in executing their ESG strategies.
  • Ethics
    Decision-making and business strategy that “does no harm” will expand to a proactive viewpoint speaking up when unethical behaviors are observed.
  • Results
    Environmental results are now paired with societal effects, which elevate GBB’s attention to community stakeholders affected by GBB’s services.

All that GBB learns during the implementation of its 2022-2023 ESG plans will prepare the firm to expand and evolve its ESG strategy over time.

ESG Action Plan and Way Forward – Roadmap for Action

  • Environmental Impact
    • Carbon Footprint
      • Teleworking & remote work ongoing.
      • Mindful choices on staff travel.
      • Carbon offsets.
    • Waste as a Resource
      • Reducing waste in technology and office supplies.
      • Evaluate office stipend for reducing waste at home offices.
  • Social Impact
    • Cultivating Inclusion
      • Intentional focus on improving staff meetings for inclusion.
      • Increase team listening sessions for belonging.
    • Reducing Inequities
      • Unconscious bias training.
      • Demographic data for baseline.
      • Recruitment  process improvements.
      • Review and improve hiring and performance management.
      • Equity in professional development.
    • Environmental Justice
      • Services review and actions to consider justice.
      • Service offering on a pro bono basis.
      • EJ considerations in proposals to support historically marginalized groups.
    • Community
      • Encourage service on causes staff care about most.
      • Inspire the next generation with youth-focused content.
  • Governance for Impact
    • Responsible Business Practices
      • Stakeholder feedback innovations.
      • Public-facing information updates.
      • Staff alignment on ESG statement.
    • Ethical Policies
      • Review handbook of policies for updates.
      • Data Security response process.

Carbon Neutral since 2021

GBB - Carbon Neutral Since 2021As part of our ESG efforts, GBB set out to become carbon neutral. This process requires limiting emissions and procuring carbon credits from voluntary markets to offset the unavoidable emissions in cases where they cannot be limited. The GBB team has a continued goal to undertake meaningful activities to reduce the firm’s footprint and, when it cannot be reduced, scrutinize carbon offset options to ensure the impact of the offset is material.

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