Collection & Route Optimization

GBB conducts collection analyses for large and small jurisdictions, including in-depth evaluations of existing collection equipment; vehicle/crew configurations; staff skill levels and training efforts; administrative and management practices and procedures; and public education activities. Recommended modifications to policies and procedures have resulted in improvements in service and cost savings. GBB also advises on franchising and contracting for privatization services by assisting in procurements and contract negotiations.

Selected Project Descriptions:

Assistance in Re-Routing Residential Trash Collection System
Northeast Maryland Disposal Authority – City of Baltimore, Maryland

Review of Recycling and Trash Collection Procedures
Montgomery County, Maryland

Review of Solid Waste Collection Services
City of Charlotte, North Carolina

Waste and Recyclables Collection Program Review and Procurement
City of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Collection Route Optimization
Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, Florida

Implementation of Powerful Waste Routing Management Solution
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Kentucky

Curbside Collection Audit
City of New Orleans, Louisiana

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