Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, FL – Collection Route Optimization in Pensacola

In late 2008, the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) in Pensacola, FL, added 13,000 customers, made changes to trash collection services, and added recycling collection services. With the challenge of these upcoming major changes, and with very little time to react, ECUA selected GBB and technology partner C2Logix to assist in streamlining the operation, reducing costs, and ensuring a smooth transition. The fast-tracked implementation of the route optimization software resulted in balanced routes, reduced overtime, increased trash/recycling collection efficiency, and easier integration of new clients to existing routes.

“We were facing a great challenge, and GBB’s route optimization project team greatly contributed to making the transition easier and successful,” noted Randy Rudd, ECUA’s Director of Sanitation.

ECUA, with its fleet of 80 trucks, provides solid waste and yard trash collection to 65,000 residential properties and commercial businesses within the unincorporated areas of Escambia County, Florida. Near the end of 2008, ECUA won the contract for the northern area of Escambia County, adding an additional 13,000 customers. At this time, ECUA also changed to weekly trash collection from twice-aweek pickup and added weekly recycling collection. The GBB Project Team was able to incorporate the new customers, set up weekly recycling, and make the change to weekly collection in just over a month.

Since recycling collection was new to ECUA’s customers, GBB added new customers and updated the recycling routes on a weekly basis for a month, with approximately 4,000 customers added each week. GBB then prepared the ECUA’s data for use with the route optimization software, and staff was trained to use the software and create/update routes in-house. GBB also implemented a web-based tool allowing residents to look up their new trash collection date.