Expert Witness

GBB has been on the front lines as a solid waste management consulting firm since 1980, planning and implementing integrated waste management programs designed to provide cost-effective services, protect the environment, and conserve natural resources. Because of its extensive solid waste management industry knowledge and reputation, GBB is frequently called upon to provide expert witness and dispute resolution services on cases regarding various aspects of the industry, including, but not limited to:

  • Waste characterization
  • Market characteristics and structure of the waste industry
  • Waste flow control and facility designation lawsuits
  • Statutory and regulatory interpretation and permit disputes
  • Environmental pollution liability and Potential Responsible Party (PRP) cost/allocation
  • Personal or worker injury
  • Technology performance, license disputes and patent infringement
  • Tipping fee/user fee disputes and appropriateness of fee structure and allocation
  • Contractual and other business disputes

Selected Project Descriptions:

Expert Witness Opinion Services and Arbitration Proceeding Support
Schwartz Law Firm for C&R Maintenance, Inc., d/b/a Rizzo Services, Claimant, v. City of Warren, et al, Defendants

Expert Witness Services and Litigation Support Associated with a Municipal Collection Franchise
The City of Coral Springs, Florida

Expert Opinion Services and Arbitration Proceeding Support
Mette, Evans & Woodside Law Firm for the County of Dauphin v. The Harrisburg Authority, Pennsylvania

Expert Opinion Services and Arbitration Proceeding Support
Archer Norris Law Firm for California Waste Solutions, Inc. v. Norcal Waste Systems

Expert Witness Services in Waste Flow Control Litigation
Chester County Solid Waste Authority, Pennsylvania