Sustainable Waste Management in Building Design, Construction, Operation & Demolition (Private Retail Company)

GBB has been working with a confidential, U.S.-based Fortune 500 retail company for more than a year to help achieve zero construction and demolition (C&D) waste from its retail store projects. During GBB’s initial exploration with the company, it became evident that achieving this goal would require more than end-of-life management of building materials from the company’s retail stores. In response, GBB developed a robust Zero C&D Waste Program that will help the company and its contractors realize zero waste for all types of facility projects, whether retail store, headquarters, manufacturing, or warehousing. This program includes:

  • Identifying opportunities for material reuse;
  • Screening the suitability of building reuse organizations;
  • Pre-qualifying recycling facilities;
  • Deploying a C&D Materials Management Tool Kit for general contractor use;
  • Developing C&D Materials Recovery Specifications and a C&D Materials Recovery Plan & Separation Strategy to guide contractor best practices to achieve zero waste;
  • Managing the application and reporting materials required for the UL 2799 Zero Waste to Landfill validation certification; and,
  • Working collaboratively with the company’s contractors to provide direct assistance in finding outlets for difficult-to-divert materials.

GBB’s work began with the observation of a single renovation project and has now grown into a program that is being deployed at the company’s retail stores across North America. Beyond GBB’s work thus far on the zero C&D waste goal, GBB has identified additional opportunities to advance and enhance the company’s high-level environmental sustainability goals. GBB has provided a review of the company’s annual environmental responsibility report and its sustainable design guidelines and made recommendations for strengthening these guidance documents as they relate to the overall role of waste in sustainability goals. Some of the additional services currently being discussed with the company include contractor education and training, company-wide TRUE Zero Waste certification, conducting life cycle assessments on construction materials, and assisting the company in procuring zero waste collection and hauling services for its locations.