Sustainable Waste Management in Building Design, Construction, Operation, Demolition & Renovation (Private Retail Company)

For a long-term project, GBB has been working with a retail client which adopted a broad environmental mission to minimize global resource use, and responsible waste management and prevention is fundamental to realizing their mission. When GBB initially began working with our client, our team was charged with helping achieve zero construction and demolition (C&D) waste from their national store renovation projects. During our initial exploration, it became evident that achieving this goal would require more than end-of-life management of building materials. Based on the knowledge we gained, GBB developed a robust Zero C&D Waste Program to help realize zero waste for all types of retail store projects, whether renovation or new construction. This program includes:

  • Identifying opportunities for material reuse;
  • Screening the suitability of building reuse organizations;
  • Pre-qualifying recycling facilities;
  • Deploying a C&D Materials Management Tool Kit for general contractor use;
  • Developing C&D Materials Recovery Specifications and a C&D Materials Recovery Plan & Separation Strategy to guide contractor best practices to achieve zero waste;
  • Managing the application to and reporting requirements for the UL 2799 Zero Waste to Landfill validation certification; and,
  • Working collaboratively with contractors to find outlets for difficult-to-divert materials.

Through several store renovation projects, GBB has provided C&D waste management coordination and helped achieve very high diversion rates. As time progressed, we have refined our methodology, built valuable relationships, and delivered detailed specifications to construction contractors early in each project – the success of which is reflected in the client’s steadily increasing diversion rates.