Waste-to-Energy & Alternative Technologies

Having worked on approximately 200 assignments involving utilization of waste for its energy content since 1980, and tracking 475+ alternative conversion technology companies, GBB has a significant amount of waste-to-energy (WTE) and conversion technologies (CT) experience from the initial feasibility study and economic analysis to vendor negotiations, assisting in financing activities by coordinating the process and preparing the feasibility reports for the official statements, monitoring construction and commercial operations as well.

  • Feasibility study and economic analysis
  • Financing activities assistance
  • Independent project review
  • Waste supply and characterization
  • Procurement and negotiation assistance
  • Technology and operations assessment
  • Construction and commercial operations monitoring

Selected Project Descriptions

Southwest Waste-to-Energy Facility
Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority, Baltimore, Maryland

Strategic Review / Directional Analysis / Project Manager / Solid Waste Management Planning
City of Alexandria/Arlington County Waste Disposal Trust Fund Trustees, Virginia

Development Options Evaluation for the Cleveland Recycling and Energy Generation Center Project
City of Cleveland, Ohio

Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy Power Plants
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI)