Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, FL – Waste-to-Energy Projects Assistance

Review of Additional Energy Recovery Facility Procurement Plans

As it embarked on a major capital expansion program that included the development of a new 3,000 TPD mass burn energy recovery facility on a design-build-operate basis, the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (Authority) issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for contractors to provide the requested services. The Authority’s Board asked for an independent party not involved in the procurement activity to review all technologies being promoted for waste to energy and advise which, if any, should be considered. To address these needs, the Authority requested assistance from GBB to provide information of a general nature, comments specific to the Authority’s direction to add another energy recovery facility, and to participate in discussions with the Authority’s Governing Board.

GBB provided the following assistance:

  • Reviewed information on the Authority operations, budget and current plans, including information related to the procurement underway for a second energy recovery facility;
  • Met with Authority management to review Authority operations and existing facilities;
  • Provided a White Paper on Energy Recovery Technologies similar to the white paper developed for the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation;
  • Prepared and presented a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the White Paper at a workshop of the Governing Board;
  • Responded in a memorandum format to any questions brought up at the workshop and submitted to the Authority.

Download the report: “Meeting the Future: Evaluating the Potential of Waste Processing Technologies to Contribute to the Solid Waste Authority’s System

Assistance with Response to Sierra Club Suggested Alternative

The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (the Authority) asked its Board to approve a new waste-to-energy facility. The Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club, with the assistance of the Institute for Local Self Reliance, drafted a white paper, “Alternative Solutions for Waste Palm Beach, FL,” dated March 2011, and sent a letter to Commissioner Santamaria, dated March 17, 2011, expressing their disapproval of the proposed facility and suggesting alternatives to waste-to-energy.

GBB helped the Authority explore conversion technologies and was asked to assist the Authority in developing objective information in response to the issues raised by the Sierra Club. GBB assisted the Authority in preparing a white paper response with objective information regarding the issues raised. GBB fact checked the information presented by the Sierra Club and provided comprehensive, accurate, and current information to address claims. GBB also documented the economics, diversion quantities, and environmental and energy benefits of the solid waste programs named in the paper. GBB also supported the Authority in preparing and delivering a PowerPoint presentation to the Solid Waste Authority Board.

Download the White Paper: “Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County – Response to the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club