Procurement Assistance

GBB’s procurement experience includes:

  • Preparing Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) and Requests for Proposals (RFP), including contracts and/or contract provisions working with legal counsel, for various services and facilities;
  • Evaluating vendor responses;
  • Recommending a preferred vendor or ownership financing strategy;
  • Negotiating contracts;
  • Assisting with bond offerings;
  • Developing test protocols and review criteria; and
  • Monitoring construction, performance testing, and operations.

GBB has assisted many communities in procuring services and facilities that yielded increased efficiency, reduced and stabilized costs and/or enhanced revenues, and substantially elevated waste diversion through reuse and recycling.  Some of GBB’s recent procurements of collection transport, processing, and/or disposal services are among the most comprehensive and far reaching of any U.S. communities and are expected to provide millions of dollars in cost reductions and significant increase in recycling rates compared to their prior systems and programs:

  • City of Fort Wayne, IN;
  • City of Fort Worth, TX;
  • City of Santa Monica, CA;
  • City of Baton Rouge, LA;
  • Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority, MI;
  • Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County, TN;
  • City of Portland, ME; and
  • City of Pontiac, MI

Procurements are not without challenge, and they require extensive planning, intense focus, and a tireless effort with the many stakeholders involved. As a change agent, with a deep understanding of the waste management and recycling industry, GBB has been able to help our clients to navigate the procurement obstacles and advance into successful implementation.

Recent Procurement Presentations / Articles by GBB:

Current Client Procurements:

GBB is currently assisting clients with the following procurements:

  • Mixed Waste Processing Facility and Recycling Services
    Emerald Coast Utilities Authority and Escambia County, Florida
  • Ash Reclamation and Recycling Services
    Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, Pennsylvania
  • Waste Processing and Alternative Energy Facility Public Private Partnership Procurement
    Prince George’s County, Maryland

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Selected Project Descriptions

Procurement Activities as part of the Receivership of the Guam Solid Waste Management Division
United States District Court of Guam

Solid Waste System Review and Procurement
Madera County, California

Fast-Tracked Procurement and Implementation of C&D Recycling Facility
Fauquier County, Virginia

Procurement of a Lessee/Operator for the City’s Southeast Landfill
City of Fort Worth, Texas

Landfill Valuation, Procurement/Contract Negotiation Assistance
City of Arlington, Texas

Assistance for Solid Waste Management Systems and Technologies and Public Infrastructure Projects; Procurements
Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority

Waste and Recyclables Collection Program Review and Procurement
City of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Procurement Assistance for Long-Term Waste Recycling and Disposal System
City of Cleveland, Ohio

Waste Conversion Project Procurement / Solar and Wind Project Procurement
Prince William County, Virginia

Solid Waste Services Planning and Procurement
City of Pontiac, Michigan

Procurement of Collection Services
City of Allentown, Pennsylvania

Southwest Waste-to-Energy Facility
Baltimore, Maryland

Waste-to-Energy Procurement Assistance
Deloitte Consulting LLP, Amman, Jordan