Disaster Debris Management

Disaster DebrisGBB is available to provide the public sector with disaster debris recovery assistance for their management of disaster debris, including the collection, transportation, processing and disposal requirements, and private sector services auditing.

GBB has provided “fast-response” solid waste management consulting services for over two decades to hundreds of public-sector clients around the United States. The management of disaster debris and demolition waste, resulting from hurricane or tornado damage and flooding, can be complex, costly, and logistically challenging. GBB staff are professional waste management consultants who are keenly aware of the procedures, logistics, systems, and services necessary to effectively plan, implement, track, monitor, and report the management of Disaster Debris and control the overall costs in our clients’ best interests.

  • Implementation of a disaster materials management plan
  • Identification of appropriate collection areas/zones
  • Identification of collection methods and equipment requirements
  • Assistance with procurement/contracting for collection/processing/disposal service
  • Review of local Disaster Debris separation and recycling opportunities
  • Monitoring the Disaster Debris collection system during route pickup
  • Monitoring the Disaster Debris handling system and delivery at staging area(s)
  • Data accumulation and analysis for FEMA payment
  • Data review and quality control
  • Assistance with contractor disputes and their resolution
  • Invoicing assistance (including data input, auditing, and reconciliation)
  • Management assistance with closeout of contracts

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