Development of Disaster Debris Management Plan (City of Fort Worth, Texas)

In view of past national, state, and local damaging man‐made and natural disasters, and to prepare for future potentially catastrophic events, the City of Fort Worth tasked a team led by GBB with developing a Disaster Debris Management Plan (DDMP.) The multi‐hazard DDMP enhances the City’s disaster response readiness and equips it with appropriate emergency management processes and tools. It likewise helps the City expeditiously recover and reconstitute critical services with minimum damage to public safety and health, and the economy, while remaining eligible for the maximum amount of federal reimbursement following a presidentially declared disaster.

The plan developed by the GBB Project Team identified the roles and responsibilities of the various City departments and agencies; an action plan to undertake in the event of various sizes of disasters; and specific information on site assessments, collection, processing, disposal and communications. The DDMP:

  • Forecasted estimated quantities and composition of debris generated from various disaster events.
  • Identified roles & responsibilities of the City staff, state and federal officials and private contractors for the collection, treatment/processing and disposal of debris generated from either a disaster.
  • Identified collection strategies for debris generated, taking into consideration the type and magnitude of the disaster as well as collection contract provisions already in place.
  • Identified both temporary and permanent debris management / storage sites.
  • Identified reduction and recycling methods that may be appropriate for collected debris.
  • Identified/recommended contracted service options for debris collection, treatment/processing & disposal.
  • Identified and recommended monitoring program options.
  • Identified options for private property owner debris management.
  • Identified health and safety protocols for managing wastes generated from man‐made or natural disasters
  • Identified and recommended options for public information strategies.
  • Provided information on the FEMA’s current public assistance program.

Disaster Debris Management Plan - City of Fort Worth, TX