Energy Recovery from Used Tires (Confidential Client – Northeast)

For a confidential client in the Northeast, GBB was retained to assist in the planning and feasibility evaluation for financing, either through tax-exempt revenue bonds or stock offering, of a proprietary technology utilizing an advanced microwave process and a unique form of pyrolysis to convert used tires into synthetic fuels. The process consisted of a self-contained, evacuated pressure vessel and was capable of reducing tires to their basic elements of oil, carbon black, steel and gas. GBB visited the client’s 20-TPD pilot plant, observed the operation and the products, and reviewed testing and research data developed by the company through operation of this pilot facility. GBB also advised the client on sources of tire supply and project development issues and needs. The pilot facility was approved for use by the state regulatory agency with jurisdiction where it is located.

The client, at the time, was proposing to finance and construct a commercial-scale facility to produce fuel oil, carbon black, steel, and a mixture of methane and propane gases. Certain of the fuel produced were to be used to operate a diesel generator capable of supplying electrical power to the commercial facility. The client intended to manufacture the units and market the technology under license in the United States and internationally, providing engineering and technical support as necessary to maintain facilities and related equipment.