Residential Curbside Recycling Program Implementation and Recycling Plan Development (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)

As part of the management consulting services to the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (NEMWDA), GBB provided technical assistance for the implementation of a curbside recycling program servicing Anne Arundel County communities surrounding the City of Annapolis.

The first-phase curbside collection program targeted 25,000 households.  GBB prepared an implementation plan that included recommendations on equipment and supplies, scheduling, data collection and evaluation procedures, and project management.  GBB assisted in negotiations with the private hauler responsible for collection; coordinated procurement of the home storage containers; negotiated signed purchase agreements with markets for the recovered materials; and helped to develop a public information program.

GBB also developed the conceptual design of a small Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and prepared procurement documents for the Facility.  After evaluating proposals for the processing equipment and the building, GBB provided construction monitoring services during construction of the MRF; participated in facility acceptance testing; and provided assistance during the operation by County staff.  GBB also assisted in privatizing MRF operations when the County decided to contract for operational services.

Additionally, GBB prepared a Recycling Plan for Anne Arundel County pursuant to the requirements of the Maryland Recycling Act.  The Recycling Plan set forth step-by-step procedures for expanding and implementing residential and commercial recycling in the County.  In addition, sections of the plan included an analysis of the County’s waste stream quantities and composition broken down by residential, commercial, and institutional/governmental sectors;  an analysis of recyclables and yard waste collection options; an evaluation of materials processing and yard waste composting alternatives; identification of markets and development of a marketing strategy; an implementation schedule and plan; a plan for public information and education; and an analysis of financing alternatives.