One Bin for All Project Consulting (City of Houston and Houston Advanced Research Center, Texas)

GBB was selected to assist the City of Houston in its “One Bin for All” Project, and develop a cost neutral RFQ for a multi-year contract for the processing of the City’s residential waste with an initial waste diversion goal of 55% one year after formal acceptance of the processing equipment and facility, and 75% two years after formal acceptance. Co-located at an existing landfill, the process proposed to be employed in the facility does not include any incineration of waste, and the resultant contract is expected to reduce operating and capital costs to the City of Houston.

The GBB Project Team was also tasked to provide expert consultation to the Advisory Committee; provide expert consultation in the formation of the Local Government Corporation (LGC) and interact with them; provide expert economic development advice, counsel and recommendations to the RFQ Review Committee, and provide detailed reports on all activities to insure the successful implementation of the program for the City of Houston.