Commercial Materials Recovery Facility Procurement (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)

GBB managed the procurement activities associated with a 1,000 TPD (2-shift basis) design capacity Commercial Waste Materials Recovery Facility (COM-MRF).  Multiple types of paper, metals, plastic, and wood were identified to be recovered to achieve an overall Facility recycling rate of at least 70 percent.  Several forms of public and private ownership of the Facility were considered, and the public-ownership option was selected.  The Facility was to be built adjacent to the County’s proposed Arrowood Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) to form the front end of a 24-acre integrated commercial and residential recycling and resource recovery complex.

As part of the RFQ/RFP process, GBB developed a conceptual design and detailed sample construction and operating agreements for the RFQ/RFP.  Special provisions were incorporated into the Guarantees Section to isolate the County from risks associated with the changing composition of commercial waste.

Proposals were received and evaluated, and a shortlist of contractors was selected for interviews and detailed evaluation.    GBB assisted the County with negotiations and drafting of service agreements.  After extensive negotiations, the County ultimately terminated final approval of the project due, in part, to waste flow control issues that increased the County’s risk as the financial guarantor.