Business Plan for Solid Waste Disposal Capacity (Rockingham County, North Carolina)

GBB was selected to conduct an evaluation of the Rockingham County Landfill to provide advice on improving the landfill operation (e.g., compaction, slope angle), understanding the landfill market, and understanding the risk/benefits of a potential public/private partnership.

GBB conducted on-site operations reviews of the County’s fixed and mobile assets, and made recommendations regarding asset management and equipment replacement. GBB developed a spreadsheet-based model of the landfill life that incorporated waste tonnages and types, compaction rates, and cover material types and utilization, to better understand the current operation of the landfill and identify potential changes to the landfill operation. Using the model, several operational scenarios were evaluated to understand the impact of changes in landfill disposal tonnage to the landfill life. GBB gathered information on the solid waste management practices in the region and evaluated opportunities for the County to offer cost-effective disposal to other communities. GBB also evaluated the various County recycling programs to consider ways to improve the programs, including improvements to recycling at drop-off centers, increased curbside collection, and improved recycling participation, and provided a review of proven and alternative technologies for converting waste to energy or fuels. As a private regional landfill had been proposed in the region,  GBB reviewed the landfill site and preliminary design documentation to evaluate its feasibility and regulatory compliance status.

This information was presented in a written report, and GBB presented a summary of the report to the Rockingham County Board of Commissioners in a public forum.