C&D Waste Assessment (Wake County, North Carolina)

GBB was selected by the Wake County Solid Waste Management Division to provide a strategic review of the handling, recycling and disposal of C&D generated in the County. GBB interviewed all of the private sector participants in the C&D industry, including home builders, commercial generators, haulers, recyclers, reuse center and public sector interests in providing this strategic review. Detailed tables reflecting the quantities of C&D generated and processed for recycling and disposal capacities were presented.

GBB reviewed C&D waste generated in the County and provided information on the collection, recycling system tipping fees, and C&D landfill costs.  GBB also provided information relative to the potential impact of the Draft Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction Model Ordinance that was considered by the County.

The final report included:

  • Key requirements of Draft C&D Recycling Model Ordinance;
  • Generated C&D Waste Quantities;
  • C&D waste landfilled vs reused/recycled;
  • C&D capacity review;
  • C&D management facility costs;
  • C&D generator options and cost implications;
  • Opinion on C&D markets for target materials.