Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Research (Mojave Desert and Mountain Recycling Authority, California)

The Mojave Desert and Mountain Recycling Authority is a California Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that contracted with GBB to prepare the Victor Valley Resource Management Strategy. Working with RRT Design and Construction, Inc., GBB prepared a coordinated, forward-looking strategy to guide the JPA’s future program and facilities decisions.

Stakeholder research was an integral part of this project. In order to obtain an in-depth understanding of generators’ current perceptions and attitudes about the current collection system as well as recycling and waste reduction, GBB conducted the following research designed to obtain input from key stakeholders: residents, business leaders, elected officials, environmental leaders, school representatives, and waste industry officials:

  • A focus group with 11 residents of Apple Valley and Victorville, October 21, 2008
  • A focus group with solid waste managers from seven Apple Valley and Victorville businesses and organizations, October 22, 2008
  • Stakeholder interviews with 11 opinions leaders from Apple Valley and Victorville, including two city council members, a business leader, a property manager for a large development, two chamber of commerce directors, one environmental leader, three waste industry officials and one school representative, October 20-23, 2008
  • Review of public education and outreach materials, including websites, from Apple Valley, Victorville and the JPA
  • Interviews with solid waste managers in both jurisdictions

GBB analyzed the data from the research and provided a set of recommendations for the JPA. The research pointed to the need for a “back to basics” recycling campaign to clear up confusion about recycling guidelines, the need for better inter-jurisdictional cooperation on recycling, opportunities to use technology to promote recycling, and improvements to public education materials.