Commercial Recycling Public Education (City of Plano, Texas)

plano brochure

As a follow-up to the Commercial and Residential Waste and Recyclables Collection Review, GBB provided technical, marketing, and public relations services to enable the City to develop and promote a successful commercial recycling program for commercial and institutional generators, with a goal of increasing the City’s commercial recycling diversion from 11 percent to 40 percent by 2004.  GBB developed a campaign logo and slogan; “toolkits” containing case studies, fact sheets, program tips, etc. specifically targeted to six sectors (multi-family properties, office buildings, food service operations, retail operations, health care institutions, and hotels/motels);  direct mail notification pieces; stickers and decals for recycling containers; staff training on providing technical assistance to businesses and institutions; publicity for the commercial recycling program (TV public service announcement, print advertising, cinema advertising); and promotional support and content assistance for the City to develop business recycling workshops.