Recycling Policy Analysis (Aluminum Association)

Recycling Policy Analysis
GBB assisted the Recycling Work Group in its efforts to develop a national policy framework that will increase recycling in the United States by researching and drafting a white paper and position statement, and developing a plan for distributing and publicizing the position paper.

Analysis of Aluminum in Recycling Programs

For the Aluminum Association, GBB analyzed information gathered from several waste and recyclable material sorting programs and performed extensive analysis of community recycling systems around the nation in order to determine the role that aluminum plays in providing revenue for recycling programs. For this study, GBB determined the quantity of recyclables in the residential recycling stream by weight and number. Additionally, GBB identified and quantified other aluminum found in the stream, including food cans and non-can aluminum, such as foil, cookware, lawn chairs, and scrap. The flow of materials from residential recycling collection to markets was also analyzed to quantify the amount of material diverted from landfills as a result of recycling programs. The costs of each community's recycling program, including collection, processing, and marketing, was determined, and the revenue received from marketing each recycled material and an analysis of how costs can be offset by revenue from each material was completed.