Associations and Authorities

GBB provides a variety of assistance to associations and state agencies. Past projects include technical assistance and training, yard waste collection and processing surveys, preparation of a comprehensive statewide lead-acid battery program, market development assistance, and impacts of beverage container deposit laws on local recycling programs.

Selected Project Descriptions:

Study of Mixed Waste Processing Facilities
American Chemistry Council

C&D Waste Research/Surveys
National Demolition Association

Gasification of Non-Recycled Plastics
American Chemistry Council

Impacts of Beverage Container Deposit Laws on Local Recycling Programs
National Soft Drink Association

Technical Assistance and Training
Solid Waste Association of North America

Analysis of Aluminum in Recycling Programs / Recycling Policy Analysis
Aluminum Association

Composting Regulatory / Legislative Review and Development
The U.S. Composting Council

Recyclables Collection, Processing, and Marketing Analysis
American Forest and Paper Association

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How Beverage Cans Can Further Drive the U.S. Recycling System
Corinne Rico, GBB Project Manager
Can Manufacturers Institute Webinar – July 2020

1-hour video of webinar, including Corinne Rico’s presentation starting at 5:30: