Expert Witness Services and Litigation Support Associated with a Municipal Collection Franchise (City of Coral Springs, Florida)

GBB provided expert witness services to legal counsel of the City of Coral Springs, the Broward Solid Waste Disposal District, and Waste Management, Inc. of Florida (WMFL).  The City of Coral Springs established an exclusive franchise for the collection of commercial waste and debris (C&D), which was awarded to WMFL through a competitive bid process.  A local C&D hauler and processor, wanting the right to compete with WMFL in this closed market, challenged the constitutionality of Coral Springs’ waste franchise.  GBB staff conducted research and field visits; reviewed documents; prepared expert reports; and gave expert witness testimony in deposition.   GBB’s data and guidance were crucial to building a defense against the hauler’s allegations.  The district court found the plaintiff’s claims unsubstantiated, ruling in favor of GBB’s client.