Expert Opinion Services and Arbitration Proceeding Support

Archer Norris Law Firm for California Waste Solutions, Inc. v. Norcal Waste Systems

GBB was hired to provide expert opinion services in a contractual dispute between California Waste Solutions, Inc. (CWS), a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) owner/operator, and the City of San Jose, California’s contracted service provider for residential waste and recyclables, Norcal Waste Systems, Inc.  In preparation for deposition and testimony before an arbitrator, GBB analyzed hundreds of documents including manuals, financial records, correspondence, delivery records, and reports provided by other consultants; provided expert opinion as to the net present value of estimated damages already incurred and forecasted potential future damages through the remaining term of the contract. GBB’s work included an on-site tour, observations, and review of procedures and equipment usage vs. rated capacity.  GBB gave a deposition and also testified before the arbitrator regarding its expert report findings.  The arbitrator awarded CWS $5.2 million based on GBB’s report and testimony.