Expert Opinion Services and Arbitration Proceeding Support (Mette, Evans & Woodside Law Firm for the County of Dauphin v. The Harrisburg Authority, Pennsylvania)

GBB was hired to provide expert opinion services in a contractual dispute between the County of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, a supplier of solid waste under a waste disposal agreement to the Harrisburg Resource Recovery Facility and The Harrisburg Authority.  In preparation for deposition and testimony before an arbitrator, GBB analyzed hundreds of documents, including waste disposal contracts, facility retrofit contracts, facility operating contracts, manuals, financial records, correspondence, delivery records, and reports provided by others.  GBB provided expert opinion as to the industry standard language in disposal contracts regarding Uncontrollable Circumstances and Force Majeure and retrofit construction management and oversight. GBB gave a deposition and also testified before the arbitrator regarding its expert report findings.  The arbitrator ruled in favor of Dauphin County based on GBB’s testimony and that of other witnesses.