Review of Solid Waste Collection Services (City of Charlotte, North Carolina)

The GBB Project Team reviewed key data provided by the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services Department (SWS), reviewed best practices benchmarking information, and conducted on-location work including visit of facilities, field observations of service activities, and interviews of key stakeholders to develop a clear understanding of the qualitative, operational, and policy dynamics that impact performance. The GBB Project Team also considered software used and whether new or updated software could be applied to improve efficiency; type of equipment and its age and maintenance; extent of automation and technology used in collection; crew sizes and worker productivity; the existence of any work rules, such as in contracts or union requirements, that may artificially lower productivity; how collection of special waste, such as bulky waste, is handled and how different equipment application, collection requirements, and procedures that could lower costs for managing such materials could yield substantial savings to SWS. GBB then discussed initial findings, recommendations, and opportunities for cost savings and other efficiencies with the SWS Department Director before providing draft and final reports.