Assistance for Solid Waste Management Systems and Technologies and Public Infrastructure Projects; Procurements (Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority)

Assistance with Due Diligence and Negotiations for $440M WTE Projects

As a subcontractor to the Maguire Group, Inc., GBB provided implementation planning and Service Contract negotiations assistance to the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority (VIWMA) for waste-to-energy facilities that were to be constructed and operated on St.Croix and St. Thomas by a private contractor. GBB conducted due diligence of the proposed technologies, which included a front-end processing system to separate and recover certain non-combustibles, produced a refuse-derived fuel for combustion in a fluidized bed thermal oxidizer/power generation facility to generate electricty for sale to the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA).   GBB participated in negotiations with VIWMA and its legal team and the contractor and its legal team; visited the site of  an existing front-end  processing system incorporating the front-end RDF processing technology proposed for this project; and provided substantial input to the draft Service Contract and associated technical appendices. GBB also provided testimony at public hearings regarding the projects on each island and assisted VIWMA with several public meetings to explain the projects. Subsequent to signing of the Service Contracts for each project, it was decided that only one thermal processing facility would be constructed on St. Croix, and that RDF produced at the planned RDF processing facility on St. Thomas would be shipped to St. Croix to become part of the fuel mix for the 16 MW RDF fired stoker boiler proposed to be constructed on St. Croix.  Since the St. Thomas RDF processing facility was to be situated on Territory-owned (government) land, a vote on a land lease was required and the USVI legislature ultimately voted against the land lease and in February, 2012 the project service contracts were formally terminated.

St. Croix Transfer Station Procurement

GBB assisted the VIWMA in the fast-tracked procurement that led to a contract to design, build, and operate a solid-waste transfer station with baling system on St. Croix, adjacent to the existing Anguilla Landfill. This will bring the Anguilla Landfill one step closer to closure after the new transfer station is fully operational.

GBB’s services included exploration of disposal options and costs, during the three-year interim period before the new waste-to-energy project to serve St. Croix is operational; scoping the transfer station needs and concept layout; researching selected development issues; preparing a questionnaire for potential contractors; briefing the Authority Board on the proposed project; drafting the request for proposals (RFP) to solicit potential proposers who could offer the needed services; conducting a pre-proposal conference; evaluating proposals and assisting with contract negotiations; and advising VIWMA throughout the process.

Procurement of Baling and Bale Wrapping System for St. Croix Transfer Station

GBB assisted the VIWMA with the procurement of a baler and bale wrapping system to be installed in the new St. Croix Transfer Station.

This procurement was on a near-parallel track with the transfer station procurement, as the baler system with ancillary equipment to wrap the bales in plastic was to be supplied and installed in the new transfer station by separate contractor.

GBB’s services included researching baler manufacturers and exploring equipment for bale wrapping; developing baler and bale wrapping specifications; estimating costs of the baler and bale wrapping equipment; preparing a request for proposals (RFP) for the baler and bale wrapping equipment supply, installation, and acceptance testing; conducting a webinar for parties registered to receive the RFP to answer questions about the RFP; responding to other written questions from interested parties; evaluating proposals. It was decided, however, that the baling system would be included in the transfer station supply by separate contractor, and VIWMA did not contract with the selected proposer for baler supply.

Procurement of Portable Shredder for Use at St. Croix Transfer Station

GBB assisted the VIWMA in the procurement of a portable shredding system which can be used to process oversized bulky waste, certain construction waste and demolition debris, brush and yard waste at (1) the new transfer station on St. Croix and (2) other locations on the island adding to the capability and flexibility of the waste management system on St. Croix.

GBB’s services included drafting the request for proposals (RFP), responding to questions from proposers, evaluating proposals, and assisting VIWMA in the contracting for the equipment supply and testing.

GBB’s work was done in coordination with GBB’s other procurement services on St. Croix for VIWMA, including the procurement of a new transfer station and transfer station operating services, and procurement of a baling and bale wrapping system for the substantial portion of the MSW to be received at the transfer station.