MISW Full Cost Accounting Course (Solid Waste Association of North America)

GBB developed a training course titled, “Economics, Costs and Full Cost Accounting Methods for Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems.”  The objective of this training course was: to provide formalized training on this subject to managers, technical staff, project managers and planners of integrated municipal solid waste management systems, i.e., public sector, employed municipal solid waste management professionals. The course was designed to instruct how MISW systems are financed, the factors which, when incorporated into the planning, design, operation and management of an MISW system, reflect the true costs of such a system; and the preferred approaches to account for and recover those costs.  GBB prepared a training manual, a written examination of 150 questions, a syllabus for each lesson, guidance to instructors for each lesson, lecture outlines, and the necessary instructional visuals (hard copy of overheads, pictorial slides). GBB serves as a course lecturer and has presented the course at several SWANA conferences since the mid 1990s.