Prince William County, VA Publishes Request for Information and Qualifications for a Municipal Solid Waste Conversion Demonstration Project

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Fairfax, VA (August 25, 2016) – Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. (GBB) announced today that it is assisting Prince William County, VA, with a Request for Information and Qualifications (RFI&Q) process to further develop its Eco-Park and identify technology companies that desire to design, build, finance, own and operate a demonstration project of an innovative municipal solid waste (MSW) conversion technology hosted on the County’s landfill site. Technologies that will be considered include pyrolysis, gasification, anaerobic digestion, plasma torch or other conversion method producing a fuel, energy, such as electricity, syngas, synfuel, steam, useable heat and/or other commercial energy or product outputs. Only technologies on the verge of commercialization and proven on a continuous basis with MSW as their feedstock will be considered, with a preference for those that can be scaled-up.

The deadline to submit responses to the RFI&Q is Wednesday, October 5, 2016.  The RFI&Q is available on the County’s webpage at

“This solicitation provides technology firms with a unique opportunity to gain invaluable technical and operating experience at pre-commercial/commercial levels,” said Tom Smith, Solid Waste Division Chief, Prince William County Public Works. “The demonstration project will have unparalleled exposure, with the County being less than 30 miles from the nation’s capital and the eyes of federal decision-makers, granting agencies and energy experts. We are eager to support the demonstration and will cooperate with the selected Offeror to maximize the probability of its success.”

“The County has identified its existing landfill as an underused resource with the potential for creating a renewable energy base, contributing to a decrease in overall dependence on fossil fuels and the generation of greenhouse gases,” stated Steve Simmons, GBB Vice President and Project Manager for this assignment. “With GBB’s assistance, the County is in the process of creating the Prince William Eco-Park at the landfill to take advantage of emerging renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, landfill gas recovery and solid waste conversion.”

Prince William County, located on the Potomac River in Virginia, is the second-most populous — and one of the fastest-growing — county in the state with an estimated population over 445,000. Its Solid Waste Division has received a number of awards for its innovative and environmentally sound practices, including the Governor’s Gold Award for Environmental Excellence, and the prestigious E4 Virginia Environmental Excellence Program by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

In the summer of 2017, the County is scheduled to inaugurate a brand new facility to process yard waste, food scraps, and wood waste as part of an innovative public-private partnership (PPP) with Northern Virginia-based Freestate Farms LLC. When completed, the facility will recycle more than 80,000 tons of organic waste a year into high-value compost, soil products, and non-synthetic fertilizers. It will also generate baseload renewable energy and environmental attributes; and it will produce sustainable and locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for sale back into the community.

A solar energy generation project is also currently in development as CGC Inc., following a County procurement process with assistance from GBB, was selected to install solar photovoltaic panels on capped sections of the landfill to generate electricity for on-site County facilities.

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