Prince William County, VA Contracts with LEEP Holdings, LLC to Extend Life of Landfill

In February 2014, the Prince William County, VA Board of Supervisors approved a Phase One Agreement with LEEP Holdings, LLC (LEEP) of Vienna, VA to develop a Waste Conversion Demonstration Project at the Prince William County Landfill. The agreement specifies the necessary detailed planning, engineering, and financing arrangements for the Project. The planning/engineering and financing work is scheduled to be completed in November 2014 at which time a final service agreement for construction and operation will be issued with implementation beginning at that time and lasting approximately 9 months.

This agreement followed a County procurement process. GBB assisted in the procurement, evaluation, and negotiation process for the County’s development agreement with LEEP.

LEEP proposed to process up to 400 tons per day of mixed municipal solid waste to produce a number of valuable materials, including Balkrete Aggregate, a patented green building product; refuse-derived fuel pellets; and recovered metals. The County will provide the site and financially support the project by funding a portion of the capital costs to be paid back from project revenues. The County will pay LEEP a fee for each ton of waste processed and diverted from the County’s landfill.

The Project is part of an overall goal to develop renewable energy for a future Eco-Park at the County landfill, highlighting the landfill as a resource to the community for production of renewable energy and environmental education. The County, located on the Potomac River and part of the Washington Metro Area, is the second most populous county in Virginia with over 430,000 residents. In 2013, the County’s Solid Waste Division earned the Virginia Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for its Sustainability Program.