GBB Celebrates 35th Anniversary

GBB - 35th AnniversaryOn August 11, 1980, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. began operations as a solid waste management consulting firm with a passion for the environment and a desire to make a difference. Founders Harvey Gershman, Bob Brickner, and Tim Bratton believed that effective management of solid waste was an imperative that directly affected the health of our planet. In a world of limited resources, they regarded solid waste as a valuable resource that could be creatively managed while protecting our soil, air, water, and people. They considered sustainability to involve a balance among environmental, economic, and community needs. Achievement of this balance, along with cost-effective, efficient, and innovative solid waste solutions, was their passion and focus.

Thirty-five years later, this passion is still the driving force behind GBB, along with many award-winning facilities and services success stories, lessons learned, and great people met along the way.

GBB is celebrating 35 years of passion for the environment and, more importantly, 35 years of working with great employees, associates, clients, colleagues, and friends.

Thank you!

Bob, Harvey and Tim

Bob, Harvey and Tim in 2006