Condolences to Family and Friends of David Manning

Statement from Harvey Gershman, GBB Founder Owner Associate & Co-Founder, on the passing of David L. Manning:

David L. ManningDavid Manning, a long-time friend, public servant, and colleague, died this past weekend [August 4, 2019]. David and GBB have a 20-year relationship. He was first our client in Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (Metro) where he guided the re-engineering of the solid waste management system there including implementing the Curby recycling program, redeveloping the district energy system, which serves so many major downtown public and private facilities, and lowering the overall cost of its solid waste disposal. After leaving Metro Nashville government, David served as GBB’s Representative when we were fortunate to be selected to be the Receiver for Government of Guam’s solid waste system appointed by the Federal District Court Chief Judge. With David’s leadership and financial acumen at the helm, we accomplished great things in both Nashville and Guam.

Professionally, David had a work ethic that was second to none, with an impressive depth of knowledge, and the ability to keep things simple, even in complicated situations or when facing complex challenges. Multiple articles commemorating his service to the citizens of Nashville and Guam capture the breadth and importance of his long-lasting accomplishments.

More importantly though, is that he was kind, respectful, a good listener and a gentleman. He was always striving to do the right thing. He will be missed – GBB’s thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. May David Rest In Peace knowing so many jobs were so well done. Thank you, David.