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EPA Grant Opportunity to Manage Food Scraps More Sustainably Through Composting

Food Scrap Composting
The EPA recently announced a funding opportunity for projects designed to increase capacity for food scraps composting in the Mid-Atlantic by upgrading yard waste composting facilities to process food waste. Learn more about this opportunity and how GBB can assist!

Striving Is Not Comfortable; It’s Where We Are

Ashlea Smith SabetiAfter attending WasteExpo, GBB Senior Consultant Ashlea Smith Sabeti reflects on how the industry is striving hard, with numerous challenges. While this is certainly not a comfortable situation, we are better equipped and empowered than ever to develop sustainable solutions.

The Life Cycle of PFAS

Steven Schilling, P.E.Until PFAS are completely removed from manufacturing processes, PFAS-containing products are disposed of through the sewer or the landfill. In Waste Today, GBB Senior Project Manager Steven Schilling discusses published studies, the fate of PFAS in landfills and his hopes going forward.

Food Waste Diversion Projects Empowered by the Inflation Reduction Act

Eugenia ManwelyanThe Inflation Reduction Act has created new opportunities to reduce emissions and advance food waste diversion. In Waste Today, GBB Project Manager Eugenia Manwelyan discusses how it plays an essential role in food waste landfill diversion projects.

GBB Accredited by CDP to Support Organizations with Environmental Data Disclosure

CDPGBB has joined the CDP Accredited Solutions Providers program, for the Cities, States and Regions Consultancy Partners category, as a leading environmental service provider vetted to help disclosing organizations find high-quality support to accelerate their journey towards environmental leadership.

Transforming Guam’s Solid Waste Management System from the Ground Up

GBB Receiver - GuamIn a 2008 Court Order, GBB was appointed as Receiver with full responsibility for bringing the Guam Solid Waste Management Division into compliance with the 2004 Consent Decree for violation of the Clean Water Act. In 2019, after GBB built a modern solid waste system for the island, the Court partially ended the Receivership. Click here for information about the Receivership.