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For nearly 40 years, GBB has helped our clients solve complex solid waste management issues by providing innovative, responsible, sustainable and economical strategies and solutions for the benefit of communities and the environment.

In the news

How Communities Can Use the Momentum from the Zero Waste Act to Advance Regional Compost Markets

Paige DavisIn Waste Today, Paige Davis discussed one way that municipalities could capitalize on the Zero Waste Act, by creating comprehensive solid waste management plans that prioritize organics collection, processing and utilization by purchasers.


Steve Simmons on Solid Recovered Fuels

Steve SimmonsIn Waste360, GBB President Steve Simmons is interviewed about renewable energy as part of a feature on solid recovered fuel, which is expected to replace up to 100% of fossil fuels to generate electricity or heat.


Waste Characterization Study in Lancaster County, PA

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority Waste CharacterizationIn mid-August, a GBB-led team performed a three-day single-stream recycling waste study at the LCSWMA transfer station. Learn more in this Lancaster Online article


Big Data and the Waste Industry

Brad KelleyIn Waste Today, GBB Senior Project Engineer Brad Kelley discusses the buzz around the internet of things (IoT) & big data that has reached the waste industry.


Kent County, MI Sustainable Business Park Updates

Kent County Sustainable Business ParkKent County, MI has set a bold goal to divert 90% of County-generated trash that goes to landfills by 2030 and building a Sustainable Business Park is an essential part of reaching that goal. GBB is a proud Planning Partner of this project! Click here for more information and regularly updated links to the latest news and information about the park.


Transforming Guam’s Solid Waste Management System from the Ground Up

GBB Receiver - GuamIn a 2008 Court Order, U.S. District Court Judge Frances M. Tydingco-Gatewood appointed GBB to be Receiver with full responsibility for bringing the Guam Solid Waste Management Division into compliance with the 2004 Consent Decree for violation of the Clean Water Act.

On April 29, 2019 the Court issued an Order partially ending the Receivership. In making this decision, the Court said:

“The court is very proud of the work accomplished by the Receiver over the last 11 years. The Ordot Dump has been closed, and the Receiver has installed the necessary systems to protect Guam’s waters from this environmental hazard that had plagued the island for decades. The Receiver has built a modern solid waste system for the island which includes a compliant solid waste landfill, a recycling program and a household hazardous waste disposal center.”

The Court authorized the Receiver to continue its work to complete the post-closure plan for the Ordot Dump. Click here for information about the Receivership.