Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

Compost2019 – U.S. Composting Council

January 28-31, 2019

Phoenix, AZ

Tom Reardon, Attendee

Compost Conference Website>>

Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show

February 24-26, 2019

Orlando, FL

Robin Davidov, Attendee

Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show Website>>

SWANApalooza 2019

February 25-28, 2019

Boston, MA

Corinne Rico, Speaker

“The New Normal in Recycling for 2019 and Beyond”
Tuesday, February 26 at 10:30am

SWANApalooza Website>>

C&D World

March 9-12, 2019

Brooklyn, NY

Brad Kelley, BSME, Attendee

C&D Recycling Association Website>>

Plastics Recycling Conference

March 11-13, 2019

Washington, DC

Steve Simmons, Attendee

Plastics Recycling Conference Website>>

Carolina Recycling Association Conference & Trade Show

March 18-21, 2019

Charleston, SC

Chris Lund, P.E., PSS, Attendee

Carolina Recycling Association Website>>

North American Waste-to-Energy Conference

April 1-2, 2019

Reston, VA

NAWTEC Website >>

BioCycle West Coast19

April 1-4, 2019

Portland, OR

Jennifer Porter, Attendee

BioCycle West Coast Website>>

Virginia Recycling Association Conference

May 5-8, 2019

Glen Allen, VA

Kate Vasquez, Attendee

Virginia Recycling Association Website>>

Waste Expo

May 6-9, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

Steve Simmons, Attendee

Waste Expo Website>>

Michigan Recycling Coalition Conference

May 14-16, 2019

Ann Arbor, MI

Jennifer Porter, Attendee

Michigan Recycling Coalition Website>>

Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations Conference

May 19-22, 2019

Lake George, NY

Jennifer Porter, Attendee

Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations Website>>

Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show

June 2-4, 2019

Atlantic City, NJ

Tom Reardon, Speaker

Date and time to be determined

Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show Website>>

Maryland Recycling Network / SWANA Mid-Atlantic Conference

June 11, 2019

Linthicum, MD

Tom Reardon and Kate Vasquez, Attendee

Maryland Recycling Network Website>>

Recycle Florida Today

June 18-20, 2019

Bonita Springs, FL

Robin Davidov, Attendee

Recycling Florida Today Website>>

Resource Recycling Conference

August 26-28, 2019

New Orleans, LA

Jennifer Porter and Corinne Rico, Attendees

Resource Recycling Conference Website>>


October 21-24, 2019

Phoenix, AZ

WASTECON Website >>