Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Development Conference

September 18-19, 2019

Bethlehem, PA

Steve Simmons and Jennifer Porter: Attendees

Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center Website>>

Municipal Waste Management Association Fall Summit

October 16-18, 2019

Cleveland, OH

Steve Simmons and Jennifer Porter: Attendees

Municipal Waste Management Association Website>>


October 21-24, 2019

Phoenix, AZ

GBB: Exhibitor (Booth #615)

Harvey Gershman: Keynote Speaker
Lawrence Lecture
Tuesday, October 22 at 11am

Tom Reardon: Division Director
“Waste Conversion and Energy Recovery Technical Division Meeting”
Tuesday, October 22 at 2pm

Corinne Rico: Moderator
“Discovery Series: Reimagine Phoenix”
Wednesday, October 23 at 10am

Corinne Rico: Moderator
“Our Circular Economy: Transforming Ideas into Action”
Wednesday, October 23 at 11am

Brad Kelley: Speaker
“Innovations at the MRF: Predictive vs. Preventative Maintenance”
Wednesday, October 23 at 2:30pm

WASTECON Website >>

MRF Operations Forum

October 22, 2019

Chicago, IL

Brad Kelley, BSME: Attendee

MRF Operations Forum Website>>

Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference

October 23-25, 2019

Chicago, IL

Brad Kelley, BSME: Attendee

Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference Website>>

BioCycle Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling Conference

October 28-31, 2019

Madison, WI

Chris Lund, P.E.: Attendee

BioCycle REFOR Website>>

Plastics Recycling Conference & Trade Show

February 17-19, 2020

Nashville, TN

Plastics Recycling Conference Website>>

C&D World

March 11, 2020

Las Vegas, NV

Brad Kelley, BSME: Attendee

Construction & Demolition Recycling Association Website>>

Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show

March 15-18, 2020

Destin, FL

Chris Lund, P.E.; Ashlea Smith; and Rob Dunnette: Attendees

Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show (SERC) Website>>


March 23-26, 2020

Atlanta, GA

SWANApalooza Website >>