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Preparing for PFAS

Chris LundIn the June 2019 issue of Waste Today, GBB Senior Vice President Chris Lund, P.E., discusses the impact of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a group of approximately 3,500 manmade chemical compounds, on the environment.


Incentivizing Infrastructure for Sustainable Waste Solutions

Tom Reardon

In Waste Today, GBB Senior Vice President Tom Reardon challenges public-sector leaders to consider the use of incentives, like many cities did with Amazon’s HQ2, to encourage the development of sustainable waste management infrastructure projects.


Building Something Sustainable

Kent County Sustainable Business Park

Michigan’s Kent County sustainable business park is an example of how communities can implement a circular economy model to help better manage waste. In Waste Today, Steve Faber (Byrum & Fisk West Michigan Team Leader) and Ashlea Smith (GBB Marketing Manager) discuss how the County is working to make this ambitious project reality.


The Optimist’s Guide to Recycling

Kate VasquezIn the spirit of optimism, GBB Project Manager Kate Vasquez offers rebuttals to common misconceptions to reassure even the most doubtful about the future of recycling in Waste Today.


Markets and Marketability – Overcoming the barriers to accessing recycling markets

The future of recycling is dependent upon local market development and cleaning up our recycling streams. In the March/April issue of MSW Management, Brad Kelley, Corinne Rico and Ashlea Smith discuss some of the barriers to markets and marketability.


Circular Economy – Creating an Industrial Ecosystem

In a feature published in MSW Management, Kristen Wieland (Kent County, Dept. of Public Works, Marketing & Communications Manager), Steve Simmons (GBB President), and Jennifer Porter (GBB Senior Project Manager) tell the story of how Kent County, MI, is planning for a circular economy future.


Brad Kelley Interviewed About the Use of Technology/Big Data to Improve Efficiencies

Brad KelleyBrad Kelley, GBB Senior Project Engineer, is interviewed in a Waste360 feature on the industry’s use of technology and big data analytics to keep fleets and landfill equipment up and running at optimal performance levels.


Waste Today Executive Q&A: GBB President Steve Simmons

Steve SimmonsThe December issue of Waste Today features an interview with Steve Simmons who became GBB President on January 1, 2019. Harvey Gershman, who has been President since co-founding the firm in 1980, transitioned to GBB Founder Owner Associate.


Kent County, MI Sustainable Business Park Updates

Kent County Sustainable Business ParkKent County, MI has set a bold goal to divert 90% of County-generated trash that goes to landfills by 2030 and building a Sustainable Business Park is an essential part of reaching that goal. GBB is a proud Planning Partner of this project! Click here for more information and regularly updated links to the latest news and information about the park.


RFP Issued for Independent Engineer Services for Post Closure Care at Ordot Closure Facility in Guam

Guam Solid Waste AuthorityGBB, in its capacity as Receiver for the Guam Solid Waste Authority, is soliciting Proposals from Independent Engineer consultants to support the Trustee in its oversight of the Post Closure Care of the Ordot Dump Closure Facility.