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Fort Worth’s City Council Approves 20-Year Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

The Council unanimously approved, after a public hearing at its September 12 meeting, the long-term plan developed with the assistance of the GBB Project Team.
Fort Worth Solid Waste Management Plan Approval

(from left to right) Robert Smouse (Assistant Director – Solid Waste, Code Compliance Department, City of Fort Worth), John Carlton (GBB Senior Vice President), Michael Carleton (AZ&B Manager), and Joao Pimentel (Senior Planner – Solid Waste, Code Compliance Department, City of Fort Worth) after the approval of the plan.

GBB Developing Master Plan for Resource Park as Part of Kent County, MI’s Sustainable Materials Management System

The Kent County, MI Department of Public Works selected GBB to develop a Master Plan for 200+ acres of property to convert waste materials into marketable products.

GBB Assisting H.E. Butt Family Foundation with Procurement of Refuse Compactor and Recycling Containers

GBB is assisting with the procurement process after a previous review and evaluation of waste generation and waste management practices to suggest improvements that could be implemented.

Lori Scozzafava Promoted to GBB Senior VP, Operations Officer; Joins Ownership Group

Lori ScozzafavaLori Scozzafava has joined the GBB’s ownership group and been promoted to Senior Vice President, Operations Officer. A passionate advocate for environmental issues, she has nearly 30 years of solid waste management industry experience, including 15 years in leadership roles with industry associations.


In the news

Delve Deep into Issues at the FREE Online Renewable Energy from Waste Conference!

Now in its 5th year, the Renewable Energy from Waste Conference, taking place October 3-4, is the leading convention exclusively centered around waste conversion. The conference, originally planned to take place in Fort Myers, FL, has become a FREE virtual online event following hurricane Irma. We hope that you will attend! Register Now for Free!

Solid Waste Conversion Technologies Session in Boston Metro Area

On March 27, GBB President Harvey Gershman will be in Framingham, MA, at the SWANA Southern New England Recycling and Solid Waste Conference, co-located with the MASSRecycle R3 Conference, to talk about the latest solid waste conversion technologies, projects and trends. Visit MASSRecycle's website for more info and to register for the event.

Renewable Energy from Waste Conference Podcast Series: Harvey Gershman

REW Podcast - Harvey Gershman

Listen to GBB President Harvey Gershman providing some insight into the practical information that will be covered during the pre-conference workshop, "From Concept to Reality – Waste Conversion Project Implementation," held in advance of the Renewable Energy from Waste Conference, November 14-16 in Long Beach, CA.

GBB Co-Organizes the Renewable Energy from Waste Summer School Series – Anaerobic Digestion Webinars

Renewable Energy from WasteGBB has once again partnered with REW magazine to offer a series of webinars to help operators and project developers get the most value out of existing and proposed anaerobic digestion facilities.


Upcoming Events

WASTECON / International Solid Waste Association’s World Congress

September 25-27, 2017

Baltimore, MD

GBB booth #710
Co-sponsor of SWANA Young Professionals booth

Eric Weiss, Poster Presentation
"Using a Waste Characterization to Make Effective Solid Waste Planning Decisions"
Monday, September 25 at 8am

Harvey Gershman, Roundtable Facilitator
"Climate Change"
Monday, September 25 at 9am

Ljupka Arsova, Roundtable Facilitator
"Energy Recovery"
Monday, September 25 at 9am

Harvey Gershman, Moderator
"Achieving Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Ontario Waste Sector"
Monday, September 25 at 2pm

John Carlton, P.E., BCEE, Moderator
"SUEZ Last References on Organics Agronomic Recovery with Green Energy"
Monday, September 25 at 2pm

Ljupka Arsova, Moderator
"Young Professionals Workshop: Finding Smart Technology Solutions to the World’s Biggest Waste Challenges"
Monday, September 25 at 3:45pm

Chris Lund, P.E., PSS, Speaker
"Dump Closure as Part of Guam’s Solid Waste System Turnaround”
Tuesday, September 26 at 3:30pm

Brad Kelley, Moderator
"How does a Waste Characterization Study help with Future Planning?"
Wednesday, September 27 at 9am

WASTECON Website>>

Renewable Energy from Waste Conference

October 3-4, 2017

Following Hurricane Irma, the conference originally planned to be in Fort Myers, FL, has become a virtual event, and a portion of proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief.

GBB, Co-organizer

Harvey Gershman, Speaker and Moderator
"Waste Conversion Industry Update"
Tuesday, October 3 at 10am

Steve Simmons, Moderator
"Lessons from Abroad"
Tuesday, October 3 at 11:15am

Renewable Energy from Waste Conference Website>>

Municipal Waste Management Association Conference

October 16-17, 2017

Louisville, KY

Lori Scozzafava, Speaker

Municipal Waste Management Association (MWMA) Conference Website>>

Recycling Association of Minnesota / SWANA Conference

October 16-17, 2017

Brooklyn Park, MN

Matt Clark, P.E., Speaker

RAM / SWANA Conference Website>>

BioCycle Conference On Renewable Energy From Organics Recycling

October 16-19, 2017

Portland, OR

Ljupka Arsova, Speaker
"Assessing Biogas Project Potential For Tribal Communities"
Date / Time to be determined

BioCycle REFOR Conference website >>