Due to our most positive experience with GBB and their proven expertise, the City will continue to retain GBB as a major source of planning and support during this implementation process. […] GBB has shown a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience in assisting the City in preparing for this key shift in refuse service. They exhibit outstanding professional ethics, are competent on all matters related to refuse and recycling, have a responsive, pleasant staff and importantly, are able to communicate their ideas and their associated benefits effectively.

We have had a long and productive relationship with GBB.

The court is very proud of the work accomplished by the Receiver [GBB] over the last 11 years. The Ordot Dump has been closed, and the Receiver has installed the necessary systems to protect Guam’s waters from this environmental hazard that had plagued the island for decades. The Receiver has built a modern solid waste system for the island which includes a compliant solid waste landfill, a recycling program and a household hazardous waste disposal center.

[GBB Senior Project Engineer] Brad Kelley was organized, professional, and skilled at ensuring everything ran smoothly for our study. The resulting report was delivered promptly with detailed explanations surrounding the conclusions and methodology. We would highly recommend GBB to others.

We are very pleased with the results achieved and the significant role Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. played in the planning and execution of our Solid Waste and Recycling contracts. […] Your firm’s expertise in the solid waste management field was very beneficial for the City of Fort Wayne as can be seen by the competitive bids we received this past summer. Being able to lower residents’ monthly fees by $.24 per month is a welcome change from Solid Waste bids received in the past.

In a fast-tracked procurement process, GBB brought invaluable insight. The combination of GBB’s procurement experience and recognized C&D knowledge provided the County with the assurance that we were going in the right direction. And we received assistance for each step of the process during this crucial time.

GBB’s comprehensive approach to the development of this [Sustainable Business] Master Plan will allow us to move seamlessly into the implementation phase. Your agency’s collective industry experience and willingness to bring local engineering consultants alongside the process has proven to be invaluable as we explore the variety of technologies in use across the world to help us reach our goals of reducing waste going to landfill by 90% by 2030.

The GBB team […] also laid out a comprehensive strategy and conceptual design to expand the MRF using new equipment tailored to our local situation. […] GBB again has delivered an insightful report on local conditions and a realistic strategy to guide our decisions.

GBB was instrumental in the negotiation of our franchise agreement. As a result of their technical expertise and innovative approach, the City of Plano received additional funding to support a comprehensive commercial recycling program.

We were very pleased with the work product provided by GBB through our Solid Waste Export Plan–Third Party Review. I think the King County audience generally felt that the work was thought-provoking and insightful, reflecting a deep understanding of the dynamics of the solid waste management field.