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GBB Remains Open

Despite serious interruptions to the business community, GBB remains available for your solid waste management planning needs during this difficult time.

While we must comply with local regulations and abide by travel restrictions, we continue to serve our clients remotely. As a company, we have access to most virtual meeting platforms and are accustomed to teleworking. In fact, most of the consulting services we regularly provide are completed remotely.

Be well, stay safe, and keep in touch.

GBB Remains Open

Steve Simmons Interviewed on Industry’s Resiliency During Pandemic

Steve SimmonsIn Waste Dive’s in-depth article on the coronavirus-induced economic disruption, the waste and recycling industry’s adaptability, flexibility and resiliency are cited by GBB President Steve Simmons and other professionals as the driving force in keeping operations going. What’s ahead and how the pandemic will likely reshape the industry are also discussed.

Updates on PFAS Legislation

Chris LundPFAS need to be addressed by pushing for proper management both before and after the point of disposal, and remain top of mind for legislators as well as the solid waste management industry as a whole. In Waste Today, Chris Lund, P.E., provides a digest of actions and initiatives currently ongoing and upcoming on the federal level and in FL, GA, SC, NC and VA.

What is the cost of zero waste to landfill infrastructure?

Paige DavisSteve SimmonsIn Waste Today, Steve Simmons & Paige Davis discuss the cost of zero waste to landfill infrastructure and outline the investment needed for the nation to pursue a goal of diverting 90% of the solid waste currently going to landfill, using mechanical biological treatment technology.

The Importance of Materials Recovery Coordination in Construction & Demolition

Corinne RicoWith her interesting multifaceted background as a solid waste management consultant with a sustainable development focus, after beginning her career in the architecture and design industry, Corinne Rico discusses how the way the industry looks at building and demolition needs to be reexamined, in her Construction & Demolition Recycling magazine and Waste Today feature.

Brad Kelley Interviewed on Municipal Recycling Challenges

Brad KelleyGBB Senior Project Engineer Brad Kelley is interviewed in a Waste Today feature on how some municipalities respond to the challenges associated with recycling by scaling back acceptable recyclables, while some states invest in end market development for recyclables. A new set of guidelines for municipal recycling program that the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, PA, implemented is discussed, along with how he led a team to evaluate the results. He also offers his take on how new industry standards are being set to lower contamination.

A Conversation with Jennifer Porter

Listen to this 30-minute interview with Megan Smalley, from Recycling Today, where GBB VP Jennifer Porter talks about her passion for sustainability, her career path, some key projects she is working on, and waste and recycling industry trends to watch for:
A conversation with Jennifer Porter

Harvey Gershman Presented with SWANA’s Lawrence Lecturer Award

The Solid Waste Association of North America awarded Harvey Gershman, GBB Founder Owner Associate and Co-Founder, the prestigious 2019 Lawrence Lecture Award at WASTECON.

See his complete insightful and inspiring keynote presentation in this 42-minute video:
Harvey Gershman - SWANA Lawrence Lecturer

Sustainable Future – Responsible Manufacturing

Corinne RicoAt the eve of the holiday season with the inevitable waste it generates, GBB Project Manager and sustainability expert Corinne Rico discusses — in her Waste Today column — producers and manufacturers’ responsibility; the power that consumers have; and the role of waste managers in the circular economy.

Guam’s Solid Waste Management System Featured in Article on Island Communities’ Recycling Challenges

Chris Lund is interviewed in a Waste Dive article featuring how GBB helped transform Guam’s waste management system into an economically sustainable model.