Revenue and Rate Strategies

Flow control can be accomplished by employing one of three primary methods. The method chosen often determines the ease or difficulty that a solid waste management entity incurs in dealing with the issue. The three primary methods to deal with flow control are:

  1. through direct collection of waste and recyclables within a municipality’s legal boundaries;
  2. through legislative mandate via State enabling legislation and local ordinances and enforcement; and
  3. through economic means, by offering service fees competitive with other geographically convenient alternatives.

GBB personnel have experience with employment of all three methods.

Selected Project Descriptions

Municipal Solid Waste User and Tip Fee Analysis
Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Cost Avoidance for Curbside Collection of Recyclables
City of Seattle, Washington

Audit of City of Sacramento Solid Waste Utility
Public Financial Management, Inc., Sacramento, California

Collection Rates Study
City of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Solid Waste User Fee Feasibility Study
Towns of South Kingstown and Narragansett, Rhode Island