GBB has the expertise and resources to offer a wide-range of composting / organics management service that include:

  • Composting operation business plan development
  • Organics diversion program development
  • Composting/organics waste processing facility feasibility study, procurement and operations plan
  • Yard waste composting feasibility study and program development; and
  • Anaerobic digestion technology review and evaluation

GBB Senior Vice President Lori Scozzafava has extensive composting expertise and, while Executive Director of the US Composting Council, and the Composting Council Research & Education Foundation, contributed in influencing regional and national organics management policy.

Selected Project Descriptions

Regional Composting Operation Business Plan Development 
City of Plano, Texas

Financial and Operational Audit
Maui County, Hawaii

Compost Facility Feasibility Study and Operations Plan
Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, Cleveland, Ohio

Evaluation of Opportunities to Increase Organics Recycling
Prince George’s County, Maryland

Evaluation of Composting System Alternatives
Palm Beach County, Florida

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