C2RouteApp™ Web-based Routing

Go GREEN! Reduce mileage.
Reduce carbon emissions. Save fuel.

  • Less than a $1.50 per day per route!!!
  • Easy to use and to get started
  • Determine the optimum number of routes for days/weeks/months in advance
  • Complete all of your stops for the lowest possible cost
  • Minimize windshield time
  • Maximize work time
  • Customize routing parameters specific to your business
  • Save time dispatching
  • Get all your work scheduled and completed without the headaches, EVERYDAY!
  • Detailed Reports
  • Aerial and 2D Maps
  • Full API Integration

Easily create routes that are:

  • Smart
  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Balanced
  • Realistic

Ideal for point-to-point solid waste management collection operations such as:

  • Bulky Items and White Goods Collections
  • Call-in Collections
  • Cart Deliveries and Maintenance
  • Misses and Special Pick-ups
  • Inspectors
  • Business and School Collections
  • Front Loaders and Knuckle Booms
  • Any dispatching of crews to the field

Can also be used by any other type of fleet in industries such as:

  • Field Service
  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • Transportation
  • Utilities and Telecom
  • Home Repair
  • Business Services
  • Landscaping
  • Pool Service
  • Any business with workers in the field

The Next Generation in Online Route Optimization Software

C2RouteApp™ is the next generation in powerful, yet easy-to-use, web-based route optimization software. The ease-of-use, user friendliness, and intuitiveness of the application allow users to quickly generate optimized routes with a little bit of experimenting or with minimal optional training. C2RouteApp™ is available as a subscription with pricing based on the length of the subscription and the number of vehicles to route, providing pricing tailored to the customer’s specific needs and budget.

Evaluation, Optimization, and Simulation Routing Decision-Making Tool

C2RouteApp™ has the flexibility to provide routing for fleets of all sizes, ranging from small operations with only a few vehicles at one location, to large organizations with hundreds of vehicles. After the simple process of uploading information about the fleet, clients, and up to 60 user-defined constraints (ranging from time windows, service time, assignment of specific drivers to individual clients, truck sizes and capacity, and day of service per clients, etc.), C2RouteApp™ assigns clients to, and generates, driving routes for each vehicle with the ultimate objective of creating the most efficient, least expensive way to run the routes while respecting all the constraints. C2RouteApp™ also makes it possible to quickly try different scenarios and change constraints in order to see the impact on costs and operations. Scenarios can include, but are not limited to, factors such as number and size of vehicles used, service time windows, and service time.

Significant Savings – Quick Return on Investment

C2RouteApp™ can help save a significant amount of money and make your operation as efficient as possible. Annual savings of up to 25% of total operating expenses can be expected from optimizing current routes. Savings and return on investment are often seen instantly after route optimization.



C2RouteApp Online Route Optimization Application for the Waste Industry