Route Optimization Software


Route Optimization Software and Services

FleetRoute Routing SoftwareFleetRoute™ is a geographic information system-based modeling software for high density residential routing, point-to-point commercial/ special waste routing, and districting/analytics/area routing. It is the most comprehensive and reliable route optimization software in the solid waste industry. Some of GBB’s customers have realized a 10-25% reduction in operational costs and significantly increased efficiency.

The FleetRoute technology is available as a software for in-house route management or as a service where routing is outsourced to GBB’s service bureau.

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Web-based Routing

C2RouteApp web-based routing softwareC2RouteApp™ is the next generation in powerful, yet easy-to-use, web-based route optimization software. The ease-of-use, user friendliness, and intuitiveness of the application allow users to quickly generate optimized routes with a little bit of experimenting or with minimal optional training. C2RouteApp™ is available as a subscription with pricing based on the length of the subscription and the number of vehicles to route, providing pricing tailored to the customer’s specific needs and budget.

Ideal for point-to-point solid waste management collection operations such as:

  • Bulky Items and White Goods Collections
  • Call-in Collections
  • Cart Deliveries and Maintenance
  • Misses and Special Pick-ups
  • Inspectors
  • Business and School Collections
  • Front Loaders and Knuckle Booms
  • Any dispatching of crews to the field!

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