Procurement of Collection Services (City of Allentown, Pennsylvania)

Procurement of Collection Services

In July 2007, a new collection contract kicked in for the City of Allentown, PA, providing improved services, incentives for increased recycling, and a substantially lower rate increase than in surrounding municipalities. GBB assisted the City with strategic planning and the preparation of the Invitation for Bids (IFB), resulting in three competitive bids for the services. A five-year contract, with options to extend, was ultimately awarded to incumbent Waste Management of Kutztown. In addition to promoting increased recycling, the challenge for the City was to limit the impact on resident rates of rising collection prices due to the high cost of fuel, the increases in truck costs due in part to the new, low-emission engines and the increased federal regulation of truck drivers, and rising labor and insurance costs. Those have added to haulers’ expenses in the years since Allentown and area municipalities last signed trash contracts.

Allentown Achieves 50 percent to 70 percent Lower Collection Rate Increase than Surrounding Municipalities – GBB Assists 3rd Largest Pennsylvania City in Successful Procurement Process

”I’m pleased — it could have been a lot higher. Frank Bernheisel of GBB was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the City of Allentown’s collection contract bid revision process which resulted in a substantially lower increase than expected. He was also able to meet some very tight deadlines in our process. I highly recommend GBB.”

— Betsy Levin
Director of Community Development
City of Allentown, PA

Municipal Solid Waste/Recycling Collection and Disposal Procurement Assistance

GBB was hired again to provide the City  assistance in preparing Municipal Solid Waste/recycling collection and hauling contracts, and recyclable materials acceptance contracts. As part of the assignment, the GBB Project Team prepared technical and contract specifications to bid these contracts, evaluated the bids received, and made a recommendation for award for each contract based on the qualifications of the bidders as well as the most favorable financial outcome to the City.