Testimonials from some communities and companies that greatly benefited from the FleetRoute waste collection route optimization software:

“GBB’s route optimization team greatly contributed to making our transition easier and successful. We are now using FleetRoute™ for both residential and commercial routes. The software makes route creating easier and more efficient than manual routing, especially given our high-growth environment.”

Randy Rudd
Director of Sanitation

“We chose FleetRoute’s service bureau to develop our routes using GIS route optimization software because this approach provided a more economic, sophisticated, and faster solution than we could develop in-house. The service bureau gave us valuable access to the FleetRoute Team’s extensive experience in waste collection and advanced route design. Using the service bureau allowed us to not worry about the methodology, but rather focus on the most beneficial routing for the City of Edmond.”

Mike Freeman
System Analyst
City of Edmond, OK

“MVRS had some unique problems. In each instance, the FleetRoute technology and its implementation assistance resolved the issues in a timely manner. The results speak for themselves.”

Jim Iavarone
Mill Valley Refuse Service, Inc.

“FleetRoute gave us the capability to quickly blend inefficient routes into efficient routes and optimize the use of our company’s assets. As a startup, we were able to reduce the amount of iron used coming out of the game and make our pro forma work”

Andy Stahl
Vice President of Operations
Knight Waste Services
Fort Worth, TX