Case Study – Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, Pensacola, FL

FleetRoute™ Route Optimization Software Helps Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Successfully Launch New Trash and Recycling Collection Services

In late 2008, the ECUA added 13,000 new customers to its 65,000-customer base, changed trash collection from twice a week to once a week, and added weekly recycling service. ECUA realized a fast-tracked, smooth transition to new collection service, with balanced routes, streamlined operations, increased efficiency and integration of new customers.

GBB teamed with C2Logix and used FleetRoute™ to optimize trash collection routes that incorporated new customers, included new recycling routes, and accommodated the change to once-a-week trash collection – all in one month. GBB also trained in-house staff to use FleetRoute™ to update routes.

“GBB’s route optimization team greatly contributed to making our transition easier and successful. We are now using FleetRoute™ for both residential and commercial routes. The software makes route creating easier and more efficient than manual routing, especially given our high-growth environment.”

Randy Rudd, Director of Sanitation, ECUA

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